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really dislike people who've filed off all their sharp edges

they're unpleasant to interact with and it feels like they've denied and repressed part of their humanity. it's the uncanny valley for personalities.

and like. nine times out of ten it's not even their fault. when ppl do that it's usually because they've been forced to, because if they aren't unrelentingly soft and cheerful and pliable and politically correct, if they ever even express an intense emotion, they get smacked around by their community, their family, or their abuser. but god it's unsettling to be around and they never, ever seem to consider that replacing their personality with pure uwu might be anything other than good and proper

and that's depressing as hell

Keep getting follow requests from techbros who have the very things I hate in their own bios.

Do they think I’m joking when I say I want California carpet-bombed?

Well my cheap shitty multimeter finally crapped out. Getting a Fluke 17B+ now.

Protip: Meters like the 12E+ and 17B+ are designed for the Chinese market. The hardware in both is pretty much identical so if you can get the cheaper 12E+, all you have to do to access the hidden features is drill a few holes and mod the selector switch (or print a new one). They should cost about $75 to $130 on ebay and sometimes come with additional AC clamp and thermocouple.

Equivalent meters for the western market easily cost $500 or more, so if you can’t get a used one in good condition, these are pretty great.

Today on Some idiot uploading a screenshot every second for over 16k files.

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from now i am i going to stop referring to the idpol clowns as anything remotely like "leftists" and i am going to start calling them upside down nazis. thank you for coming to my ted talk

Reminder that Google has irreversibly broken the web 10 years ago when they released Chrome and V8.

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Nyloc nut + panhead screw is Satan incarnate.
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i hate cars i hate cars i haaaate caaars

Google, shaderc:

  • Generates completely useless .pc files in case of static linking (declares dependencies on libraries it doesn’t actually install in any configuration, but actually it’s literally impossible to generate proper .pc files using CMake in the first place)
  • Not only that, it installs three of them for shared, static and split versions of the same library
  • Each of these libraries has a dumb _suffix
  • Enforces vendoring of what could be system libs
  • Does not link all dependencies of glslc so the build fails if you enable that tool
  • Parses its version from the CHANGES file

But more than CMake, I hate the people who actually use CMake. They just cannot write proper build systems.

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i don’t really know why bay area tech bros feel they are owed a debate on the predatory nature of their employers

like, bros, the whole reason i am doing what i am doing is to put your employers out of business, we’re not going to get along, we’re not going to agree, and i’ve heard it all before

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Even fucking PTYs must communicate over HTTP and manipulate DOMs in the 21st century.

Isn’t it amazing how all attempts to replace legacy UNIX garbage end up extremely webshit?

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