friends please do not run tor browser on your phone unless a) you're just using it to get around a local web filter or b) you have literally no other option and have a go bag ready
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@velartrill what's wrong with using tor browser on your phone, assuming you understand the benefits and tradeoffs of tor and how to use it safely?

@sir i refer you to the tweet you commented on but apparently did not read

@velartrill I don't understand, your tweet gives a list of occasions when it's okay to use tor browser on your phone, but doesn't justify why you shouldn't use it in other circumstances

@sir this is the kind of question you ask when you do not "understand the benefits and tradeoffs of tor and how to use it safely"

the only time it's safe to use tor on a mobile device is when you're not doing anything your government objects to, in which case there's no reason to use tor in the first place unless, as i stated, you're using it to get around a filtering regime. even then, it could still get your ass fired or expelled, because tor traffic is detectable by default

i can tell you that as someone whose life and safety depended on correct use of tor and gpg correctly for several years, i never even *considered* using tor on even my very carefully secured phone.

@velartrill so long as we're establishing credentials, as someone who both cares deeply about privacy and understands encryption and other security-related topics, and has also personally been in situations where they were very necessary, this seems like fearmongering to me. Like I said to @lachs0r, other ways of accessing Tor are no free lunch either. Grok your tech before you stake your life on it, this is true of all OS/software/hardware combinations


other ways of accessing Tor are no free lunch either.

The Tor project sure seems to sell it that way, though.

@lachs0r except the big warning when you install it that tells you using tor alone doesn't make you safe, then leads you to a page describing its limitations and how to use it safely

@sir So first you make people go install your app, then you tell them it’s basically not doing what was advertised?

@lachs0r it seems like we're fishing for excuses to hate on tor now, which is really dumb.

@sir I’m not hating on Tor. The issue is that their ad is painting a wrong picture of what Tor can and cannot do for Android users—for no good reason.

@lachs0r what is tor if not the highest degree of privacy and censorship resistance*

* when used correctly

@sir @lachs0r
>highest degree of privacy and censorship resistance *available to Android users*

The question is: can an Android user get better privacy and censorship resistanxe than by using Tor on Android?

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