Google randomly rejects my email, even when it’s a reply with no attachments and no HTML. Resending without modifications makes it go through. My reputation goes down when sending from domains which do not contain vowels. I have correctly set up MX records, DKIM, DMARC, SPF and there are no DNSBL entries. Using the Google postmaster tools only tells me “Not enough data for this domain.” I’m not the only one with this problem, and I can send email to other major providers just fine. Folks, please, for the love of god, stop using Google for email.

@sir Well clearly not even Google can tell me what their ~machine learning~ spam filters have picked up on.

@sir I have used all sorts of mail testers, and this one returns a score of 9.7/10 with nothing out of the ordinary.

@lachs0r did you know that it's legal to mail live bees in the united states? You don't even have to label the box with "contains live bees" or anything.

Gmail c/o Google
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@lachs0r correction: you do need to label it with "live bees". But it doesn't say it has to be in English

@jeff @sir Is there a hip San Francisco startup that will send the bees for me? I live in Germany.

@sir I spent the weekend setting up a personal email server off my home connection *before* finding out that spam filtering based on rDNS is apparently a thing, and that there's apparently no way to change it on my ISP ;_;

@lachs0r I remember that IPv6 sometimes caused issues with Google Mail, maybe it's that?

@lanodan This has happened with both v4 and v6 hosts. And yes, the RDNS and MX entries are valid for both cases.

@moritzheiber @thegcat Maybe read the damn thread. I have done everything I can to make sure that the the email domains I use have a clean record. I have been hosting email for more than 10 years. There have been no incidents I am aware of, and the network address ranges are operated by a reputable company (Hetzner). I am also not the only one affected.

It really looks a lot like Google is the culprit here. I’m not having any kind of trouble with other email providers.

@moritzheiber And to be clear, I monitor the DNSBL status for my domains. I would get an alert if any of them showed up on one of the 70 or so lists that I check.

I’m repeating myself here but:

- There has been no unsolicited email from my addresses in all the years that I have operated them.
- Email volume from these addresses is extremely small. They are also not known to e.g. distribute malware via other protocols.
- Google is sporadically blocking email and claiming that it is potentially unsolicited even if it is a direct response to a previous message that quotes the original content and the recipient has the address in their address book.
- Resending the same email again (i.e. absolutely no changes to content or headers) will generally make it go through.

Now explain to me how in the world this isn’t entirely Google’s fault.

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