Mention anything computer-related and I will tell you a horror story.

Computers were a mistake. We weren’t ready.

@lachs0r the `LQ`, `TXER`, and `SELxx` PPC64 instructions

@friedkiwi Too tired for this right now so have a bit about a MIPS microarchitecture that can’t even NOP reliably instead

@lachs0r I'm aware sadly... Me and @libc have looked extensively into Mono on PPC64/IBM i.

The instructions mentioned are "undocumented" opcodes in PPC64 in TA mode.

@friedkiwi @libc Well that’s wonderful.

Also doesn’t help that IBM’s website seems to be so thoroughly broken that all downloads redirect to a 404 page now.

@lachs0r @libc undocumented as in the intelligence definition - neither confirmed or denied. Plenty of statements within the books that allude to them, as well as e.g. mailing list/usenet posts etc.
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