it’s way too easy to crash contactless payment terminals by using the wrong type of card

going to need a fuzzer card that does nothing else


@lachs0r @Luxotek or in some cases, the right type of card!! my paypal debit card has crashed actual ATMs on multiple occasions

@velartrill @lachs0r

I feel like I'm missing part of this thread or something.. do I have some one in this thread blocked or muted or something?

@lachs0r @Luxotek this was prompted by my misadventures with nfc cards

i have a paypal one that is absolutely cursed

@velartrill @lachs0r

lol @ having money to use outside the house or like shopping or whatever it was called

@Luxotek @lachs0r its the future baby. you know what that means. time to make exactly one purchase and call 911

@velartrill @lachs0r

no I'm completely sure I didn't make that 1800$ purchase delivered to directly to my house that oddly never was delivered either...

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