working on a tool to generate system/application color themes from wallpapers, as an improved version of the ambience feature

used one of my photos for it, like the results

it works by generating a reduced color palette (using libimagequant) with some optional adjustments, then using jinja2 templates to write config files, SVGs, webshit stylesheets etc.

it also generates a GTK2/3 compatibility theme based on KDE’s Breeze widget theme — luckily the scripts and templates for that already exist:

also about to write a qutebrowser config script that imports kde system colors and also applies them to any greasemonkey/userstyle scripts

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@lachs0r Nice results, how does it compare to pywal?

@wizard no idea, first I hear of it (thanks for mentioning)

@xj9 no, I run a program that takes the wallpaper file as input. it modifies config files and triggers reloads as needed.

@lachs0r Would it work with Cinnamon themes, do you think?

@drwho it can work with anything because it is pretty much just a template processor with a few install scripts

@lachs0r Consider this my request for Cinnamon support, then? :)

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