material design takes some of the worst approaches to UI design I’ve ever seen and i wish people stopped treating everything that comes out of google’s rear end like it’s the fucking gospel


sailfish’s silica UI is much better for mobile devices, though fundamentally incompatible with google’s vision because it replaces brand identity with very simple, consistent (not just visually) and touch-friendly interfaces that are extremely easy to build

@xj9 microsoft’s metro design process is pretty much just mockups made in powerpoint and converted to WPF markup with some theming applied. there’s no consistency at all — it’s very much like making a website using html/css only, and no reusable components.

i am not kidding. as far as i know, that’s literally the reason the pre-GM versions of windows had all those weirdly inconsistent white menus with thick black borders in random places.

microsoft used to have very reasonable interface guidelines back in the w2k era, but no such thing even exists anymore. metro may be a lot better than android as far as mobile UIs go, but android sets a very very low bar. and WPF is just extremely terrible in general.

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