actually, it is kind of interesting to actually look at package management before apk came along and after. many package managers have been influenced by apk. the use of triggers, instead of traditional post-install scripts for example.

@kaniini Though RPM-based distros have been using triggers for a very long time (at least since 2002, probably longer ago).

@kaniini Can you explain how? I don’t know how they work in apk — and RPM has different types of triggers (package and file/directory triggers).

@lachs0r RPM triggers (scriptlets) are written in Lua typically. APK triggers are shell scripts. RPM triggers run at earliest opportunity (and may run multiple times in a single transaction); APK triggers run at the last stage of committing the transaction.

@kaniini RPM scriptlets are typically shell scripts (I have never seen any written in Lua) and may run at the earliest opportunity OR at the end of a transaction. For instance, openSUSE uses this to rebuild kernel modules and initramfs at the end of a transaction.

@lachs0r ah, my primary exposure to RPM's triggers are from mandriva (i guess mageia now).

@kaniini Ah, right, that distro has always been very… I don’t actually have euphemisms for their packaging practices, but let’s leave it at “literally worse than Debian”.

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