okay this thing just keeps on giving.

trying to salvage a google pixel that doesn’t want to charge anymore (it just turns off and flashes white lines across the display when a usb cable is connected)

tried to remove the display. extremely strong adhesive. shattered into a million pieces when i tried to lift it with a thin, flexible plastic card. completely fucked, great.

one of the t5 torx screws had been overtorqued, and the screws are not even proper steel, so that one is now stripped and cannot be removed. everything is held into place by fucking tabs.

tried to remove the battery, which is glued in FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON and almost cannot be removed without destroying it.

this phone clearly isn’t meant to be repaired or even disassembled, yet it has this fucking thing printed on the battery. this has to be some sick joke.

folks, do not get phones like that, even for free. do not even let your friends get near those.


recycle or dispsse of properly


i mean, i have worked with borosilicate glass before (as in the raw material), and i am absolutely certain they’ve made the screens this fragile on purpose.

@lachs0r Yeah, I'm pretty sure people are designing electronics with the intent of stopping people from doing anything to dismantle, repair, or modify them. It's appalling TBH

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