@lachs0r I've searched for xbox controllers had hit filters like that.

>Forbidden knowledge
People actually see that and say "Yeah, I don't want my kids to know about that." Imagine some kid not knowing that there are religions other than Christianity or that there are people who aren't Christian.
Scary and worrying.

@sjw @lachs0r I don't known about kapesky parental control. But I think "forbidden knowledge" is a custom category.


There is a responsible parent, I say. 👍

I certainly wouldn't want my legitimate children to be exposed to things such as P**.

@lachs0r There are a lot of things I'd want shield children from too. This is definitely at the top of my list.

Ich finde ja, Jugendliche sollten auch mal Freiräume für schlechte Entscheidungen gegeben werden ;-)

@unixwitch das problem daran ist im fall von php, dass es gravierendste fehler nicht direkt bestraft und bestehende lektüre und quelltexte schlechte praktiken und gewohnheiten fördern. nicht die besten voraussetzungen, um aus fehlern zu lernen.

@unixwitch C ist da schon sinnvoller. da lernt man wenigstens, nicht ohne messer unterm kopfkissen zu schlafen.

@lachs0r PHP is a hardcore stuff, before someone learn it, it's recommended to train their brain on content like pornhub first to prepare all the sneaky php backdoor penetration attempts.

@lachs0r there are actually web filters that report search queries to the administrator? That's not creepy...

@lachs0r and how is "your child" clearly being alerted that the browser is tapped?

@codewiz kind of a moot point. can’t think of any reason to have kids in hellworld 2020 in the first place that doesn’t involve being desperate for control (or just plain sadism)

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