oh my fucking god.

note, even the answers are predefined choices

working on a tool to generate system/application color themes from wallpapers, as an improved version of the #SailfishOS ambience feature

used one of my photos for it, like the results

it works by generating a reduced color palette (using libimagequant) with some optional adjustments, then using jinja2 templates to write config files, SVGs, webshit stylesheets etc.

it also generates a GTK2/3 compatibility theme based on KDE’s Breeze widget theme — luckily the scripts and templates for that already exist: github.com/KDE/breeze-gtk

Just published the initial version of a patch that adds a page with speed controls for some animations which tend to block interaction to the #SailfishOS settings app. It’s available through Patchmanager’s web catalog.

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