@pcy @polychrome It also has sdl2 as output device, which does support that.

@impiaaa @polychrome Also, w3m supports displaying images in terminals without relying on DirectFB graphics modes. Even works with some X11 terminals, though the implementation of that is extremely cursed.

@impiaaa @polychrome SDL also has a DRM/KMS thing, which should be much faster and support vsync properly.

The fbdev stuff isn’t even used with most graphics drivers anymore.

@polychrome mpv has a DRM/KMS backend so you even get OpenGL-accellerated display on modern Linux.

@vickysteeves “Sunsetting” has to be my least favorite word of modern corporate PR speak. It’s so rage-inducing it makes me want to scream and strangle someone. Like, it’s pretty clear you’re shutting down and abandoning shit in a way that will massively inconvenience your users, so just fucking say so.

I hate this American custom of downplaying everything with euphemisms whenever you fuck up.

@polychrome In one of the local banks here they still showed NT4 boot screens until they got replaced a year or two ago.

The newer machines still run Windows, no doubt, but at least withdrawing money doesn’t take several minutes anymore.

@wizard I’ll probably suck anyway since I haven’t had a proper match in years.

@wizard I love Xonotic but my Internet connection does not agree (and I’m in Germany so the number of players I can fight with fair latency is very limited to begin with).

re: It feels hurt 

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the more i learn about computers, the more i hate them

wont stop using them though
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i find it so very hard to care about movies

@velartrill What I find really infuriating is that it refuses to decompress files without the .gz extension so you have to feed it through stdin.

@hirojin @velartrill Also filtering is only useful when you already know the time of the event you’re interested in. If something’s gone awry days ago and it took you that long to notice, have fun waiting for journalctl to feed the pager.

@hirojin @velartrill It does have filtering. But the thing is that even with filtering, reading the journal is extremely slow.

@velartrill I think Arch and some other distros use rsyslog by default, which means the journald logging part is optional.

Of course it’s also extremely cursed.

@velartrill I never really looked at it in detail but it pretty much behaves like a gigantic linked list.

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