@velartrill geek just means “has a mac and wears quirky glasses” to me

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can we all please just agree to ban the words "geek" and "geeky" from the english language
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OH peppy college girl on bus: "my cousin really wants to breed"
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broke: china's one-child policy
woke: america's one-china policy

i somehow ended up with the best girlfriend

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hahaaa my God how did i manage to wind up with the absolute best boyfriend a girl could ever hope for

i am so fucking lucky. i'm so glad i'm not alone anymore
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current status: questioning everything i was raised to believe, feeling extremely unnerved

@rabcyr @velartrill And then there’s the thing where we both have a low tolerance for stress and end up staying at home for days without getting anything done, which is problematic because processing of the residence permit may take a long time.

@rabcyr @velartrill The worrying part about marrying in Germany is not the marriage itself but getting a residence permit afterwards.

German government is (rightfully) very skeptical of such couples because this is a common pattern for fake marriages. In addition to all the required documentation, there may be individual questioning where they may not issue a permit if our answers differ too much or we know too little about each other and our families, etc.

Also, while US citizens are not required to get a non-Schengen visa before entering the country, it’s entirely possible that such an attempt gets rejected.

So, basically the same shit as in the US, except slightly less bureaucratic, intimidating and costly.

If I marry here in the US, however, all we’re going to need is our marriage certificate + apostille + translation by a sworn translator (the latter can be done in Germany for a small fee).

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sometimes i wonder if non-borderlines are actually capable of meaningful connection & bonding

reading about how they react to loss feels like i'm reading about an alien species

@rin milking customers with a more powerful pro version

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pretending to be a character from a TV show you like is the literal worst way of forming an online identity
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big mood for the rest of 2019

probably mood for most of 2020

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making out with my boyfriend to the tune of the soviet national anthem, as you do

@kaniini Ah, right, that distro has always been very… I don’t actually have euphemisms for their packaging practices, but let’s leave it at “literally worse than Debian”.

@kaniini RPM scriptlets are typically shell scripts (I have never seen any written in Lua) and may run at the earliest opportunity OR at the end of a transaction. For instance, openSUSE uses this to rebuild kernel modules and initramfs at the end of a transaction.

@velartrill @kaniini Yeah alsamixer settings you get depend on what the driver/chip exposes in terms of controls.

A lot of consumer chips lack the “stereo mix” option for copyright reasons, afaik…

@kaniini Can you explain how? I don’t know how they work in apk — and RPM has different types of triggers (package and file/directory triggers).

@kaniini Though RPM-based distros have been using triggers for a very long time (at least since 2002, probably longer ago).

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