finally updated opensuse’s netdata package with the go plugin nonsense. would have been a lot more effort without

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@rin i know someone who works on elbrus toolchain stuff

taisei works on government elbrus thanks to them

@velartrill not to mention apple’s assault on portability

dropping opengl, then not supporting vulkan

of course there are idiots writing compatibility layers

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OSX really needs to be quarantined. open source development for it needs to end. its users need to stop being coddled. right now the existence of open source development on that platform is just enabling self-harm.

@null this is just sad tho. i bought a portable media player in 2005 that supports vorbis and flac out of the box.

heck, i bought a $15 chinesium hdmi-to-eDP converter that turned out to have a USB port and it could play matroska files, with ASS subtitles even

@null beets is also really good at fucking up the tags of half of your collection, assigning the wrong cover images to the wrong files, misdetecting songs etc.

and last time i checked it did not let you manually review/fix the things it did

@null just don’t use aac tbh

apple users be damned why is there a guy just selling large amounts of SGI computers

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oh great it doesn’t even fucking work. i s2g haskell users need to be shot

why does a simple systray application written in haskell need 3 GB disk space, 6 GB RAM and half an hour and several retries (can’t even figure out its dependencies in advance) to build

@lain >people who use twitter like an imageboard

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