@null @dielan it’s amazing how many gamers waste their parents’ money on a monthly subscription that gives them animated emojos

that’s probably all that keeps discord afloat with the game store gone, too. i hope it dies sooner rather than later.

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@Luxotek however, ivermectin along with other medication for parasite treatment is prescription-only in the US. guess this is a good thing for once

@kaniini oh god yes. they hate downstream so much.

OBS has a service that builds vendor tarballs for all the go/ruby/etc bullshit with dependency trees that pull in 3 versions of each library.

@kaniini is it just rake or still a multitude of terrible build systems?

@null it sadly exaggerates a lot. according to wttr.in we were supposed to get several blizzards when it didn’t even snow a little bit

@velartrill @kaikatsu sure that does work – the problem is so many fat people have eating habits that would leave them with deficiencies if they just ate less of the same. they eat very little fiber and their blood sugar levels are a fucking roller coaster that causes them to crave food constantly

@velartrill @kaikatsu i never exercise more than 45 minutes at a time, and no that doesn’t feel good. sometimes i do get a nice calm buzz afterwards tho

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Remember the grassroots movement against capitalism and the parasitic finance class that grew rapidly but was heavily repressed by the state and later subverted by identity politics, with the blame being shifted from trillionaire bankers onto working class white men?
I don't either. We're all feeling very sleepy. Let's take a nap.
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@velartrill does it also seize operation for over the air firmware updates and then get stuck in a boot loop

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the entire GPG ecosystem is designed to prevent you from using expiring keys. this is why throwing out the entire ecosystem is desirable from a security design standpoint.

Expiring keys are allegedly supported, but the number of bugs and problems that come up when you use yearly rotation has determined that was a lie.

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the daily photographs we're seeing from reporters are far better than anything mr banky has produced
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@velartrill i remember the hoax about 5G tests in the hague causing hundreds of dead birds literally falling from the skies and children nearby getting inexplicable headaches/nosebleeds. the anti-5G crowd went absolutely wild over that facebook post

no 5G masts had been installed anywhere near that location

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