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Uuuh I think my fridge/freezer has a firmware bug because in eco mode it cools the freezer down to -30°C instead of -15°C like it’s supposed to. The fridge part is spot on though.
The absolute state of household electronics in 2019.

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:blobwat: Language with masculine and feminine
:bloblaugh: Language with dom and sub

Sigh, yet another kernel update required to mitigate Intel CPU vulnerabilities. Really wish Hetzner had better AMD offers.

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Holy fuck am I getting this right? PSD2 is “open banking” only in the sense that it opens up customer data to third parties and the APIs are not actually open? I’m really fucking pissed that I can no longer use FOSS banking software right now.

Was wondering why my public timeline was so damn quiet and I wasn’t seeing half the replies to most stuff…

Turns out I was filtering out all non-Chinese posts because I accidentally hit a checkbox in my user settings, and only those where language detection failed made it through. Whoops.

Modern web design or the art of making pages juuust wide enough that they overflow in a browser window that only has half the width of a 16:9 screen.

Printed some stuff and wired up one of those Digispark clones as a PWM signal generator for a small LED array.

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> Prince Harry delivers a speech at Google's Climate Change Conference - attended by A-listers arriving in over 110 private jets and yachts

People used to abuse parallel ports for this sort of thing, and even those were pretty limited. Alas, they’re gone now.

Btw, you can technically retask the microphone jack to serve as a second output, but in my case it’s already in use.

Like, we carry supercomputers with us that can’t do simple fucking I/O. How stupid is that.

Lamenting the fact that PCs, laptops and smartphones generally don’t have GPIO or I²C pins accessible to developers. This is so stupid.

The only phone I know of that did this is the first Jolla phone. It has I²C pins on the back side, used for the Other Half gimmick. It’s great for cute little electronics hacks.

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