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okay this thing just keeps on giving.

trying to salvage a google pixel that doesn’t want to charge anymore (it just turns off and flashes white lines across the display when a usb cable is connected)

tried to remove the display. extremely strong adhesive. shattered into a million pieces when i tried to lift it with a thin, flexible plastic card. completely fucked, great.

one of the t5 torx screws had been overtorqued, and the screws are not even proper steel, so that one is now stripped and cannot be removed. everything is held into place by fucking tabs.

tried to remove the battery, which is glued in FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON and almost cannot be removed without destroying it.

this phone clearly isn’t meant to be repaired or even disassembled, yet it has this fucking thing printed on the battery. this has to be some sick joke.

folks, do not get phones like that, even for free. do not even let your friends get near those.


recycle or dispsse of properly


APC has buggy fan control in their UPSes. when my PC uses around 350-400 W, the battery charger fan comes on, but it turns off at higher load

well at least one of the stickers looks decent enough to put on a laptop

if you’re the kind of person who puts stickers on laptops

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apparently i’ve been one of the top contributors on opensuse’s build service

which is slightly concerning, i hope the distro is doing okay

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so no one has written a decent, working collaborative text editor? i am flabbergasted

forwarding dns lookups to local dnsmasq because bind9 cannot just read /etc/hosts

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psa "neurotypical" ≠ "normie" y'all please stop using it this way before you deprive yet another useful word of all its meaning danke schön
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German darkjazz outfit Bohren & Der Club of Gore have announced a new album. On January 10, the group will release Patchouli Blue

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I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

what even is the point of beer without alcohol

listening to bohren & der club of gore while the rain is pattering on the roof windows

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in the US, the Jews are seen as this weird cultural anomaly, this separate, unique category of people that still gets to be Oppressed despite the color of their skin, and in fact they're the main reason that the term "ethnicity" gets used at all - without them, americans would never talk about anything but Race. the reality is opposite, however; the Jews represent how things normally work. in nearly every other country on earth it's culture, heritage, *ethnicity* that matters, that determines your identity, your place in the world, and the way others see you, and the color of one's skin is merely incidental to that. in Europe, there are no "whites" - there are Germans, French, Dutch, Irish, Russians, Turks, Slavs, Poles, Spaniards, Catalans, and many more besides. just as in Africa there are no "blacks," but rather Yoruba, Swahili, Amharas, Maasai, Bengalis, Igbo, Hausa, Malagasy, Maghrebis, Zulu, Tuareg, Hutus, Tutsis, and so on. they're both fantastically diverse regions of the world with long and intertwined histories, and nobody who knows the first thing about ancient history would think to divide them up based on the relative color of their skin. this is a very new and very wrongheaded way of looking at the world.
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Tōhō, socialism, and a cute mouse.