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:sayori_dislike:​ reprinting because you messed up and something doesn’t fit
:sayori_like:​ hacksawing the thing so it fits into your print

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i have been watching a 3d print for 7 hours i’m sure that’s perfectly normal

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imagine limiting yourself to dating only half of the population :kekpoint:

UUUUGH managed to kill a print job with ESD through the front panel 💢​

should stop wearing those slippers

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yes this is a temporary solution

i wanted to move from the ugly tower to a wooden studio rack that’s going to house a few more things, and got this case for that. it’s a tight fit, but the front-to-back airflow makes up for it (just needs enough static pressure to push through those disks).

the radiator and pump are obviously going to be external. several things to note here:

  • the gpu isn’t watercooled, and won’t be. it’s a vega 56, which is old by now, and the only available waterblocks have a terminal that extends 2cm above the PCB, which won’t fit inside that case. not worth spending the money on, considering its fans aren’t spinning most of the time.
  • i’ve made the dumb mistake of not adding quick disconnect couplings or ball valves to this loop. going to make a mess.
  • i’ve also made the mistake of getting clear pvc tubing, which is now leeching plasticizers into the cooling liquid – hence the discoloration. will need to replace this with epdm
  • 4 of those HDDs are going to be replaced with a single one, probably 8 TB. those are 3x 1 TB and 1x 2 TB, all WD black. they’re old and noisy; especially the 2 TB drive has a very loud spindle. that leaves 4 HDDs and 1 SATA SSD. will probably get another 5.25" cage and a hot-swap bay for that, considering how much of a pain it is to get disks in and out of this thing with the current setup. the old drives… i’ll probably put them in the home server as backup storage that can be powered down most of the time.
  • if the wooden rack has enough space on the sides, i’ll put this case on sliding rails for easy access

i am definitely breaking regulations but i fixed the bedroom wifi signal

got a new wifi card for the router because intel won’t allow 5ghz in AP mode, only to find out it has world regulatory domain set in its eeprom and ath10k needs to be patched in order to use anything else

fresh new 3d printer nozzles

hardened steel this time

maybe i’m just salty because i can barely reach into the top shelf on ours

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seriously though why are fridges not drawers instead of tall shelving units? they’d waste less energy AND you could easily access everything from the top AND cooling zones could be adjusted separately

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