2020 and browsers still cannot reliably resume paused or failed downloads

at this point i’m just waiting for google to remove downloads entirely

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ffs - this was essential tech back in 99 and worked fine then in tons of apps/addons.. how can they not have bought up one of the 100's from then or grabbed the code from any of the tons of open source ones
i'm sure one of the companies that made one would be more than happy to sell their IP at a reasonable price at some point in all these years of them being mostly obsolete

also, how dare you be so right about this in these trying times


they actually kinda have too... the instant app crap they use in android and i'm assuming chromeos does exactly this allegedly - its supposed to stream the app like it's installed without downloading it and keeping in on local storage
they do this with docs/sheets/etc and a bunch of other stuff you can keep in googledrive for alot of filetypes
onedrive for MS does this too for office365 stuff and other filetypes too

unless i'm fundamentally misunderstanding your OP

@nethaniah resuming paused downloads should generally work, but browsers tend to just fail the download if you try.

another reason why resuming doesn’t work is that webshits are idiots and use chunked transfer encoding without sending a content-length and without supporting download resumption server-side (usually because they’re inefficiently serving content from their web app to the frontend server instead of letting the server handle it).

resuming failed (i.e. aborted halfway through) downloads does not work because the files are simply discarded and you have to restart them.

@mia Geez that's so poorly designed. Thanks for enlightening me Mia!

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