The data show the 7-day running average number of COVID-19 cases reported in the U.S. The sudden break from rapid climb to flat corresponds to the day to the handover of responsibility for the data from the CDC to the highly politicized Department of Health & Human Services. It is difficult not to conclude that official numbers can no longer be trusted to tell us anything meaningful about the course of the pandemic in the U.S.

Follow up. I put together a video digging into this more deeply.

re: covid, uspol, cdc 

@mia HEH is this to anyone’s surprise tho

US is in full damage control mode

re: covid, uspol, cdc 

@null yeah, i just assumed the US data were largely a work of fiction right from the start

didn’t think the administration would do something so blatantly obvious though

@mia This wouldn't surprise me, but do you have more sources to back up the claim?

I'm wary of boosting a single YouTuber's claims. There's just so much disinformation circulating right now.

@clayton I don’t, and to be honest I haven’t looked into it because I’m not all that interested in figuring out the exact degree to which Americans are currently being fucked over by their government.

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