want to connect my EOS 700D to my PC but for some reason it is VERY picky about the cable and USB port it’s on. wanted to use it as webcam but that only works if I plug it into the front panel with a very short cable.

i hate computers

@duponin yes, but only one of them works with this camera. none of them cause any problems with other mini USB devices.

@duponin seems like adding a ferrite bead to one of them makes it almost work.

@duponin going to blame asus for making really fucking terrible mainboards. my USB scanner has the same problem but it only works on the USB hub on one of my monitors. the camera will not work on that one either.

@duponin what the shit. the cable that was least likely to work (twice as long as all the others and no ferrite bead) actually works fine.

@tk @duponin they’re all the same shit, pretty much. gaming gaming gaming LED premium hurr durr

if you want quality and reliability, your only option is to go for server boards.

@tk @mia en epyc without hundreds of ram is sad

Gigabyte has server oriented MB (with IPMI and ryzen support), look at it
@mia eesh, grounding problem on the mainboard causing... leakage/interference over USB?

@feld yes, likely. i get crazy interference on the onboard audio as well, which actually has considerable spacing on the board (i think there’s a slit in the ground plane around it, too) and is advertised as especially high quality. something just isn’t right with this board. i’ve got a much older asus board that has none of those issues — in fact its onboard audio has better SNR than my external DAC, so good i don’t hear any noise even on my low-impedance IEMs.

@mia This one looks like (maybe) a better solution... :D

I will try it with my EOS 500D in the next days or weeks ^^

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