drilling holes through the ceiling to run speaker cables from the amplifier rack to the bedroom

also gonna have an ip65 ceiling speaker in the bathroom. wondering if drc can correct the impulse response of a shower stall


update: bathroom speaker working. yes, drc can correct a shower stall

it sounds amazing, even, and this speaker has more than enough power (visaton fr16wp)

gonna return the second amp though (behringer epq-304). 4-channel class D at a height of 1U is nice, but the fans are way too loud. gonna get two 1Us with passive cooling instead.

@mia@nazrin.moe what options even are there for 1U passive cooled
i have some random stuff from ebay (chinese designs with someone's company name slapped on it) but they are very much not fanless

@mia@nazrin.moe ah right, europe, the options are always more plentiful

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