ugh, really need to patch mastodon so it stops fucking with uploaded media files

i can do my own compression tyvm

Been running this for a year now. Remuxes everything incoming and outgoing mp4 supports into mp4, otherwise transcodes. Including video streams.

@lynne nice, gonna rebase this on glitch then!

@mia I should remove the AVIF patch, paperclip is so old now and stopped development years ago so it won't ever get support for it. The patch does nothing though unless paperclip starts supporting it, so whatever.

@lynne yeah paperclip also prevented me from importing my follows when i migrated to this account because it refused the file mastodon itself had exported

@mia It transcodes my opus sounds to mp3 or something, making it both bigger and worse quality 🙄

@owl yeah i noticed that too. thankfully with those patches it should no longer do that!

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