this is a surprisingly fun project. though i had to figure out how to get the atmega384p to stop glitching out when i blast it with data over serial

it’s running at 10 fps (display can’t go faster), though the buttons are updated at 20 fps. the data for both is coming from ffmpeg (display is just rawvideo with monob pixfmt, LEDs are showvolume scaled to 4x1 px)

also those buttons make a very satisfying kachunk

@nik yep. i bought a chinese arduino nano clone because the ploopy trackball i got didn’t have QMK on it and had to be programmed with a new bootloader. then i saw all those cute little OLED displays on ebay and that gave me an idea for what to do with the empty 1U of space in the htpc/home server rack that runs our home automation, audio system etc.

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