@qorg11 unless tor magically discovers and uses dns tunnels, no

so i can get through with iodine, just not in raw mode. better than nothing at all i guess

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nice. internet connection has been dead all day long.

turns out vodafone is blocking everything except for dns traffic

still not as bad as cleaning the bathroom when i moved in. the previous tenants, a family of four, had never cleaned it. not even once. there was moss growing on the window. some of the grime and hard water stains have just fused with the surfaces they’re on by now, impossible to get off. at least the landlord is going to get the entire thing rebuilt… eventually.

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our kitchen looked like something out of a junji itō manga

glad that’s finally dealt with

feel like if i don’t do it now i won’t have the energy for another 6 months

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furiously cleaning the entire apartment in the middle of the night

@null it’s the rude version of “something went wrong (try again button that does nothing)”

@ada @wxcafe customer experience

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@tk @e @normandy @Meeper but don’t worry, cloudflare will buy mozilla

@tk @e @normandy @Meeper

The lawsuit focuses on the billions of dollars Google pays each year to ensure its search engine is installed as the default option on browsers and devices such as mobile phones.

welp, there goes mozilla’s only income

@wxcafe except when you’re dealing with old buildings wired by complete amateurs

last place i lived in half the wall sockets had no ground, and a bunch of light fixtures had live and ground swapped

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