@wizard @chj0 i have button chords on my trackball to emulate some key sequences on the right half of the keyboard

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@nik @pounce idk, my tolerance is so high at this point that caffeine is basically a placebo and quitting cold turkey does nothing to me (sometimes i go for weeks without the stuff because i’m too lazy to buy more)

@aetios @nik @wizard no matter where i worked, i never got to have a corner with nobody running around behind my back and staring at my screen

one of those places i was sitting with my back to a glass door and people walking by every other minute. that was even worse than sharing a room with helpdesk people in an open office hellscape. my productivity was practically reduced to 0

i would have taken a coffee shop over that any day

@null there’s a lot of cats where i live, and i’ve made friends with 12 of them!

some breeds are friendlier than others, too. people tend to keep those indoors because they’d just run off with random strangers and might not come back. there’s a really cute one like that nearby and she once followed me around for almost half an hour when i was walking through town (got scared off by people blasting shitty rap music and revving their car engine)

@nik it’s so annoying that there’s a limit to how much i can eat 👩‍🍳​

:sayori_dislike:​ reprinting because you messed up and something doesn’t fit
:sayori_like:​ hacksawing the thing so it fits into your print

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i have been watching a 3d print for 7 hours i’m sure that’s perfectly normal

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imagine limiting yourself to dating only half of the population :kekpoint:

UUUUGH managed to kill a print job with ESD through the front panel 💢​

should stop wearing those slippers

@null you can get pcie 8x to 16x riser cables for maybe ten bucks


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