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all this aside, if you call yourself a marxist-leninist and your first concern is "what if the workers say a bad word on the internet," you have bigger problems than deep matters of theory
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marx had a theory, which has been pretty well borne out by history, that class conflict has a "purifying" effect on those who struggle together in solidarity for the whole of the proletariat, in that petty chauvinism would be worn away on its own as leftist partisans of diverse backgrounds build camaraderie and mutual understanding with each other. marx therefore placed his focus entirely on the class struggle, and while he did say a few things now and again about gender equality, he did not regard the various forms of chauvinism as worthy of being the target of struggle themselves: in *actual* marxist-leninist theory, these prejudices and sentiments are the mere *symptom* of domination and division of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie, which is the underlying disorder. so he would attack these symptoms head-on is a man in a burning house who, instead of reaching for the fire extinguisher, simply thinks "it's too hot in here" and turns up the air conditioning
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Trump Reveals He Is No Longer Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Opting For Bloodletting Instead

@wxcafe could use the same thing i use to auto-mute the music player when something else is playing

(i use JACK; calf sidechain compressor does the job in this case)

@wxcafe right.

anyway, you can click on parts of the translation and it lists alternatives, then builds sentences around your choices. that’s pretty neat and i’ve used it pretty often when i was too lazy to translate things myself

@wxcafe it’s powered by linguee data, so…

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@null i’m still using firehol because nothing comes close (it doesn’t support nftables yet, but in practice that doesn’t really matter)

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@null pixiv just randomly terminated my account for no reason so i stopped using it altogether

broke: signing up for a pixiv account so you can see all the porn
woke: terminating your pixiv account so you don’t have to see all the porn

@lain wär bei einigen menschen sicher sinnvoll

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Сейфы и технологии

Технологии развиваются все стремительнее, а для сейфа, даже комнатного, можно заказать уникальный, единственный в мире замок. Но что-то все эти технологии и возможности откровенно теряют свою прелесть при одном просмотре этого видео.

Вот серьезно, когда я работала менеджером в отделе сейфов, мне один клиент рассказывал грустную историю о том, как собрал дома пати. А утром обнаружил открытый сейф. Его же ключами. Другой рассказал похожую историю, но уже с замком, реагирующем на отпечаток пальца.

И вот теперь представьте себе ТАКОЙ вот сейф. Тут наличие ключей, как мне кажется, вряд ли как-то поможет. Да и ножовкой такую стенку тоже не выпилишь. (Это уже другая история, но, напомню, что в комнатных и оружейных сейфах толщина стенок может составлять всего 1,2 мм)

А какой сейф предпочли бы вы?


@null i am going to murder the first person who does

re: misinfo, nothing 

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