@kaikatsu yeah i’m just shitposting anyway. i go there pretty often myself, i just end up redesigning stuff in freecad more often than not

and tbh my main gripe with thingiverse uploads isn’t really just the quality, it’s that people never fucking upload the CAD files so you can’t just go and fix shit that isn’t quite right

uploading parametric source files should not be optional imo

@kaikatsu fair, but 95% of user-made 3d-printable models are also garbage. maybe i don’t want most thingiverse users to litter up the alternatives

@bonifartius mozilla corporation totally cares about your privacy! too bad their privacy policy doesn’t actually apply to any of their “new products” since they’re pretty much exclusively run by “trusted partners”

@kaikatsu prusaprinters.org seems to have far higher quality standards, but sadly there’s just not a lot of stuff on there

@kaikatsu now if only anything you could download on thingiverse were actually worth the trouble


tl: “our business isn’t profitable, we had to lay off 250 people, and we’re going to use what’s left of our reputation to sell our users to whomever we can”

@polychrome i want to send an anti-virus system to the bay area in gun mode

@null well it is supposed to keep robots out

tried to update opensuse’s netdata package and got hit with a bunch of “inconsistent vendoring” errors by go

fuck golang and everything that uses it. hard enough to make this work with offline builds, but now i have to clean up after upstream devs who lack the discipline to test whether their software can be built before pushing a release tarball.

>just use the docker container or our prebuilt packages
go fuck yourself

@NekoAmps not sure how i deal with the cognitive dissonance of doing all this shit with computers despite hating everything about them, tbqh

sometimes i daydream about living in a small, self-sufficient off-grid commune even if it means hard physical labor almost every day.

my grandmother used to tell me stories of how they lived in ww2 germany, growing their own crops etc., and i wish i could have lived in those simpler times when everything meaningful hadn’t been replaced by the illusion of a better life through technology and consumerism

fuck everything

literally fuck everything on earth

donald trump is a genetically engineered humanoid planted by the CCP in order to topple the US from within

imagine living in 2020 and being enthusiastic about tech

and yet, fosstodon.

>mention evil tech company being evil
>RT’d by ddevault
>oh no not again
>here come the techies

@kaikatsu hey, MBTI starting with IN is still a reliable indicator for chronic depression

könnte ja jemand äpfel und birnen verwechseln

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