@chjara we get all of these with covid, going as far as the claim that sars-cov-2 was created in the USA to be used against china and then backfired :blobcatgoogly:

@lain ob die irgendwann merken, dass es von sars-cov-2 keine light-variante gibt?

@null love snow, hate cold

just fast forward to the second half of spring tbh

@chjara if the number of floaters has increased more or less suddenly, that could be a sign of retinal detachment. absolutely do see an opthalmologist, especially if you also get bright flashes.

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hey if anyone has experience with usb peripheral development, please lmk? not sure where to start

boosts appreciated <3

@seanking it’s not the only engine affected by this, sadly. the IW engine, despite its idtech 3 heritage, has developed the same problem around version 4.0.

the virgin polled USB mouse vs the chad system-interrupting ps/2 mouse

this same shit also affects a lot of games based on unity engine btw.

if you have a mouse with a high poll rate, you will notice a lot more judder and lag in those than if you were using a much lower rate. and the lag just accumulates over time. kerbal space program and STRAFE are known for this, but i’m not sure people have figured out the connection (i only did because i have reverse engineered a settings tool for my mouse).

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also, if your widget takes a while to process those events, wx will apparently just keep queueing up event handler calls until they’re all processed.

because that’s definitely what you want on your GUI thread.

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god this is stupid. wxwidgets is awful. no, apparently you don’t get mouse events when they happen, you get them in bursts. this is why applications based on wxwidgets always seem so unresponsive/laggy when it comes to dragging stuff, especially when your mouse is polled at high rates like 1 kHz. aegisub is an extreme case, but the same can be observed with e.g. audacity.

@tk google is just broken garbage in general

>change sorting on the news search page
>suddenly returns no results

@tk @parusmajor i mean, tbqh all the gallery software out there seems to be so unbelievably bad for how simple the problem it is they try to solve that i’d just hack my own.

@parusmajor yeah, i think gwenview can generate galleries too if you install kipi-plugins? but in any case, digikam is probably better than organizing photos by hand


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