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this is one of those days when i just want corona-chan to eat the world
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Müde: Autobahn
Verkabelt: Autobann

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[flash/strobe warning]

i-dream-of-tweegee vs. erosion-worms (seed: 1642905486)

i guess scott alexander getting doxxed in the new york times is just one of those 2020 things

this year is just :tbc_1::tbc_2::tbc_3::tbc_4::tbc_5:​ as fuck

cursed idea: D-Bus to MIDI bridge

dug up an old MIDI DJ controller, using it to control some of the audio filters i have in my usual JACK setup.

i now have two separate EQ/volume controls for mpd and applications as well as illuminated toggle buttons for the various filters, so i can e.g. switch off the sidechain compressor that auto-mutes mpd when something else is playing, or mute application audio on the speakers (so they’re only audible on the headphone output)

having physical controls for this stuff is neat. i only had to write a MIDI filter to turn button presses into CC events (using rtmidi for that) and send back commands to the controller so it reflects the current toggle state with its LEDs

did i mention JACK is the most awesome shit? i can just route hardware MIDI events through a filter i hacked up in a few minutes, it’s so easy

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  • got the 3d printer up and running again in its new fancy enclosure with the custom front panel
  • printed a G3/4 to PCO-1881 adapter (also fuck why does everything have to use non-metric threads)
  • carbonated a few liters of tap water

glad i won’t have to carry any more sparkling water.

oh my god they’ve actually fixed the ACPI bugs that caused the fan to go to max speed when resuming from suspend to RAM!

also it managed to update the firmware without erasing all the settings

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Initialize ....
Please plug in AC!!
System doesn't permit flashing BIOS!! Please press any key after plug in AC!!

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oh wow, my 2012 laptop got a firmware update!

must be intel mitigations but who knows, the changelog only says “optimize system performance”

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I like how Digital Extremes does not officially support Warframe on Linux but they still took the time to make a special error + workaround advice for Wine users. :blobowo:

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doom jazz + rain pattering against the windows is always a good match

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Tōhō, socialism, and a cute mouse.