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cute girls doing cute things saufen hartes zeug

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how to cope

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oh nice, peertube with live streaming relaesed.

imagine explaining to the other prisoners you got 20 years for emoji violence


wife just now: “fuck. i’m going to have to write an http multipart decoder”

what a year. it’s not even february and i already have to tell friends “sorry, borders are closed for americans. last thing we need is more refugees”

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it's like if you live next door to an unstable maniac who owns enough tnt to blow up the entire town. you want to know if he's about to go off the rails.


she’d get all up in your database and NULL your bits

oh it gets better, their email is handled by several levels of subcontractors, so who the fuck knows who else has my name and address

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why is patreon still sending me email even though they’ve supposedly deleted all my data like i have told them to?

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