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i see odoo is still the same godawful broken mess with the same bugs as 10 years ago, except now it’s no longer agpl and half the functionality exists only in the paid enterprise edition

open core, not even once

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checking the sender MUA of business email to decide whether i should top post or bottom post

apparently the last mastodon update broke some custom emojis (only some of them!) and i had to delete and readd them to stop getting 500’s

i really don’t want to know why only some were affected, even though others i added at the same time work just fine

this is a surprisingly fun project. though i had to figure out how to get the atmega384p to stop glitching out when i blast it with data over serial

it’s running at 10 fps (display can’t go faster), though the buttons are updated at 20 fps. the data for both is coming from ffmpeg (display is just rawvideo with monob pixfmt, LEDs are showvolume scaled to 4x1 px)

also those buttons make a very satisfying kachunk

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wtf no designated array initializers in c++?

ugh printed a part of the rack control panel and all the tolerances are off by a blonde one

also there’s that firmware bug again that misinterprets something in the gcode and just offsets everything by some arbitrary distance mid-print

prusaslicer failing to link because 6 GB of space on /tmp is not enough

gdi wxwidgets

yeah i’m gonna have to agree with my spam filter there

but venting, complaining and finger-pointing comes so much easier than positivity


i wouldn’t need supports here if prusaslicer had better bridging behavior

wife almost forkbombed her laptop by falling asleep on the keyboard

in any case, mitigating this application-side will be much easier once i stop being lazy and finish refactoring this piece of shit.

i want user-defined filters, not the hardcoded mess i have right now

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got contacted by a security researcher about a server-side request forgery vulnerability in 0x0.

in other words, the URL fetch feature may expose local networks.

dude if address-based trust is part of your security model, you’ve got bigger problems. dealing with network topology is not an application problem. protect sensitive services with strong authentication, protect sensitive networks close to the network layer. on linux, filtering packets per uid/gid is easy enough, too.

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