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12v lines connected

one day, when i’m no longer stuck with a shared 16 mbps adsl line, i should probably stream all this stuff

(also that’s a 0.6mm nozzle, so it’s not terribly precise either)

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nice, perfect fit on the first try

still not using calipers :blobcatgoogly:

feeling cute today, might delete later idk 


they don’t sell programming socks though

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spoke too soon: it still sets completely arbitrary lower bounds for pwm frequencies

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update on fan control nonsense: managed to get linux to talk to the sensor/fan control chip so now i get the fan control exposed via sysfs with none of the firmware’s limitations

won’t need the mcu after all!

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Don't buy Insta360 cameras 

Do not buy any of Insta360's cameras.

Nobody's talking about it, but they mandate 'camera activation' using their mandatory mobile application. The camera will refuse to work until you connect it to a smartphone with their official mobile application and 'activate' it with private information.

For some reason it also demands your GPS coordinates as well - the app will refuse to run unless you give it full location permissions and ensure location is fully enabled in your device.


gonna be a real popcorn moment when louis rossmann opens a macbook post right to repair only to find the mainboard completely potted in epoxy

’cause nowhere is the bill going to say the products have to be serviceable in the first place

remember bashing IE for not supporting png transparency?

i’ll never get used to using hashtags unironically

PSA: i’ve packaged python-adblock (which uses brave’s ad blocker that is written in rust and should be mostly compatible with ublock origin) for so users on tumbleweed can now get proper content blocking instead of just hosts-based

actually wonder how PID as opposed to temperature hysteresis is going to work for controlling those fans

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