Actually scratch that, now we'll have nodejs fullstackers attempt to reinvent the grid to flex their 10x engineer label.

Taking your child onto the polybahn for a "fun ride" while hundreds of students are trying to get to their lectures is dumb as fuck.

News sites are so terribly bloated, they're actually a good yard stick for how most of the web will look and behave in 3 years time.

Never sit next to an airpod user on public transport, they're usually the kind of person that coughs in your face.

Not to say that amount is in any way significant compared to, say, the damage Germany's fossil fuel subsidies are doing, but it is a "fun" thought to scale up small inefficiencies to planetary scales.

Now I'm wondering how many tons of CO2 were yeeted into the atmosphere because Intel's sidechannel mitigations slow down syscalls, making loads take longer to finish, extending the amount of time spent in higher pstates.

Tired: writing fast code to go fast

Wired: writing fast code to ever so slightly decrease humanity's carbon footprint

Every time Boris Johnson says or does something stupid his balls receive an electric shock, but to the great chagrin of the British people he has a CBT fetish.

Do libertarians cut out their prostate?

59. Facebook denies the allegations in Paragraph 59, except admits that Asuka is better than Rei.

Twitter is down so I'm here to say that Facebook lawyers do not appear to be human.

Panhandling junkies are pretty cringe, no wonder they have no subscriber.

DoH is garbage, but seeing ISPs shake in their boots because it's threatening their racketeering efforts is good for the soul.

Envious of the large brain of the geniuses at Sony, who figured out that the problem that stopped them from making more money was that they attended too many industry events and had too many games on their platforms.

Old people are more likely to deny climate change.

Heat waves are more likely due to climate change.

Old people are more likely to die from heatwaves compared to the general population.

Turn off the AC.

Logging onto twitter dot com to check which problematic brand we're supposed to cancel today.

The US fracking industry probably massively profits from this rise in oil prices, as last I checked the low oil prices were eating into their margins big time. So if Iran is behind it, Pompeo should probably send them a letter of thanks.


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“Facebook will reportedly announce cryptocurrency this month, allowing employees to take it as salary”

lmao that’s the sort of scumbag bs I expected from amazon rather than facebook

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