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Suspended servers

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Server Reason
abdl.link what the fuck
anime.website tolerates pedophiles on free speech grounds
antinetzwerk.de anarchists (i don’t want to be reminded of my dipshit teen years)
baraag.net pedophilia and way too much furry porn
beehub.org “free speech”
bitcoinhackers.org cryptocurrencies
brighteon.social american right wing instance
buildthatwallandmakeamericagreatagain.trumpislovetrumpis.life build a wall to keep the americans out
byou.social american right wing instance
counter.fedi.live American right-wing instance.
def.social pretty self-explanatory, just visit the website
degenerates.fail irony cesspool
etiketi.de seemingly unmoderated instance. someone’s gonna be in trouble for hosting this in germany…
fintoot.space Macro Economics, Stocks and Crypto
freecumextremist.com seriously?
freespeechextremist.com yeah i get it, not everyone on this instance is bad. it’s still a cesspool though.
freespeech.group i’m tired
freespeech.host “free speech”
gab.com “free speech”
gabfed.com “free speech”
gameliberty.club nazi gamers
gleasonator.com i don’t need hate speech on my timeline, whether or not it is wrapped in 7 layers of ironic memes
glowers.club nice try
gulp.cafe furry porn
kiwifarms.cc so nasty it has its own wikipedia page
lbry.world cryptocurrency
liberdon.com libertarians, ancaps, anarchists, voluntaryists, agorists, etc.
libranet.de I don’t need political Twitter forwards anywhere near my timeline
librem.one techbros and advertising
loli.pizza loli.
loma.ml news bots
meld.de Bots
mstdn.foxfam.club bots
my.dirtyhobby.xyz porn
naturism.social nudists
neckbeard.xyz loli fetishists
newsbots.eu news bots
newsocial.tech bots
noagendasocial.com I am tired of people using social media to post about nothing but US politics.
pawoo.net pedophilia, porn
paypig.org racists etc.
pettingzoo.co not terribly interested in gay dude selfies
phreedom.tk Bots.
pleroma.salastil.com bots
pl.lifeweb.cc Loli.
poa.st “free speech”
posting.lolicon.rocks pedophilia is not cool even if it’s coated in 7 layers of irony
quey.org bots
rayn.bo schizotypic conspiracy theorists
sinblr.com porn
social.urspringer.de covidiots
social.yl.ms Bots
socnet.supes.com “free speech”
spinster.xyz TERFs
squeet.me Bots
supermotomagazine.com advocating speeding death traps
switter.at pimps
the-idw.com American right-wing instance.
this-is-epic.space ??? nothing but garbage posts?
toot.shoes fetish instance
tryliberty.org friedman-esque ancap nonsense
twooter.me “Free speech”
venera.social Fails to moderate content that is clearly illegal in Germany.
xxxtumblr.org porn